Chalmers & Co's minerals surveying services cover: hard rock, sand, gravel, coal, fireclay and water. All are in demand in Scotland and yet mineral surveys tend to be led and carried out by mineral operators.

Mineral surveys should be done proactively by landowners seeking to promote their mineral assets.

Sand & gravel extraction. Mineral surveys by Chalmers & Co.
“Chalmers has a good reputation. The rural economy is in flux so sound advice is more important than it has been for some time.”

Chalmers & Co's minerals surveying service include:
  • Desk-top surveys to assess the quality, quantity and marketability of resources.
  • Marketing mineral resources to potential operators.
  • Engaging the Local Planning Authority in negotiations.
  • Drawing up lease agreements.
  • Negotiating reviews.
  • Supervision of land restoration after extraction.
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